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Equine Health


Erika Gough is a qualified Equine Nutritionist and one of the country's most trusted experts in the field. Her knowledge has been developed through a combination of formal education and extensive hands-on experience. She established Inside Out Equine Health when she realised that many horse owners struggled to create diets for their horses that were based on sound scientific principles and up-to-date research.

Having created tailored diet plans for almost 600 horses nationally and internationally and conducted thousands of faecal egg counts, Erika’s methods have been proven and her results speak for themselves.

Since founding Inside Out Equine Health in 2015, Erika has worked with a wide range of horses, many of whom had severe health problems. Through the tailored development of simple, natural and scientifically sound diet plans, she has restored the health and improved the lives of performance and pleasure horses alike.

Erika is passionate about passing on her knowledge and has written and presented extensively on equine health, nutrition and parasite control. Her writing can be found in a range of publications including Hoofbeats Magazine and Think Horsemanship. She regularly attends a range of equestrian events and conferences to ensure her knowledge remains up to date.

Erika is consulting Nutritionist for a range of prominent equine organisations, including the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Equitation Science International, Carlton Clydesdales (prior to their retirement), and a wide range of racing stables and studs, professional instructors and riders.

Erika’s work is based on scientific evidence and informed by research in the field. She maintains professional relationships with researchers and practitioners, often working alongside veterinarians, professors of parasitology, and other key equine professionals to ensure her work remains accurate and effective.


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