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anita collins.jpg
Anita Collins
HRCAV Level 2 Dressage

Anita trained her young horse Spencer from being green to level 2 dressage in just a few short years. Her horse, Spencer can get fat and footsore in spring, but then drops off in winter. All year around he gets Performance Plus pellets, EquiFlax and a scoop of chaff and then in winter I add lupins and beet and extra EquiFlax. He now stays a good weight (& sound!) all year around. 


ESI pic.jpg
Equitation Science International
Educators, Researchers & Trainers 

On a property with rich grass and mostly ‘good-doers’, we need a feed that delivers the right nutrition without feeding large portions. The Performance Plus Pellets and salt fulfil the majority of our horses’ needs, and we have a great simple base to add extras for those who need it. Erika also analysed our pasture and hay so we can feel confident about our horse’s nutrition and health. 


- Andrew, Manuela and Sophie McLean 

Jessica Faint

Jessica is a member of Bundaburg Adult Riders and does a bit of everything with her horse, Mustang. Her greatest achievement so far is riding bridleless! Jessica says, ‘As an equine massage therapist, I know how important nutrition is to muscle health. That’s why I love Performance Plus pellets as they’re the best option for a healthy natural mineral balancer that's palatable and takes away the frustration of trying to mix powders or getting my horse to eat new things. Plus I can be certain I’m covering all the nutrition areas.’ 

Emma Gentle.png
Emma Gentle
Pony Dressage

Emma is a little person on a little horse, but is HUGELY into the holistic approach to equine health. She’s competed at the State championships, but refuses to put her pony’s health second to competition. Emma knows, ‘it’s a multi-pronged approach to getting it right’. When I first did an online consultation for Emma’s pony, Deb, she was quite overweight. Emma followed her diet analysis to the letter and it paid off with weight loss, increased energy and better dressage scores.

Untitled design copy 3.png
Alex Greenhill 

Alex bought her horse, Locksie, as an unhandled 2 year old and has turned her into a confident allrounder. They have built an unbelievable bond in this time and she says riding Locksie ‘feels like home’. They compete, but also do overnight trail rides, obstacle courses and riding on the beach. Alex has a couple of horses and wants the best for them so ‘I feed Performance Plus Pellets to keep them all in tip-top shape’.

Charlee Martin.png
Charlee Martin
EA Level

Charlee just 16 years old, but has a very grown up attitude to horse health and welfare. She believes there is ‘no such thing as a naughty horse, there is always a reason for any behavioural issues’ and understands the importance of good gastrointestinal health. Given she’s aiming for FEI she knows she needs to treat and feed her horse, Monkey like the athlete he is which is why she loves Inside Out Equine Health.  

nicole mcown.jpg
Nicole McOwn
Professional Rider & Instructor

Nicole is a professional rider and trainer. She has several horses training very high level dressage movements. Just because the horses train complex movements doesn't mean they have complex diets though. Since discovering Inside Out Equine Health, Nicole's warmbloods now have a simple diet of lucerne hay, Lucerne Lovers mineral pellets, flaxseeds and salt. They all look great, perform well don't have issues with tying up which I did before using the Lucerne Lovers pellets. 

Serena Middleton.png
Serena Middleton
HRCAV Level 2

Serena and her trusty steed Winchester are in it for the long haul. His soundness and health is of utmost importance to her and even though they regularly compete, she goes bush every weekend for his soundness and mental health. Winchester is a big boy who gains weight easily so Serena works hard to make sure he has the most important ‘three fs’, Friends, Forage and Freedom, while still making sure his weight is kept in check which isn’t an easy thing to do! She loves the Flaxseed oil as Winchester needs omega 3 fatty acids and it keeps his itch under control.

Untitled design copy 4.png
Liz Nugent
Inhand Showing

Liz loves all things ponies and shows her ponies in-hand right up to Royal Level. Liz is ‘on a mission to change the way people think about feeding show ponies’, which is why she is the perfect Brand Ambassador for Inside Out Equine Health. Her mottos are ‘KISS’ and ‘less is more’. Inside Out pellets contain everything her ponies need and nothing they don’t. Inside Out’s palatable pellets and feeding advice keep Liz’ ponies laminitis-free, yet looking amazing.

Cieanne Strang.png
Cieanne Strang

Cieanne bred and started her horse Frankie by herself in just a halter and leadrope. She knows that variety is the spice of life and does dressage, natural horsemanship, jumping, trail riding and cattle work. Frankie is also a good doer who has had a few injuries along the way and Cieanne was ‘getting overwhelmed and confused by all the products on the market. Cieanne says she ‘loves Inside Out’s tailored approach to feeding while still keeping things simple. If your horse’s gut health isn’t right it will show on the outside too’.

maddy theobald.jpg
Madeleine Theobald
1* Eventer

Maddie is a girl on a mission! She's a dedicated young rider and has gone from a good doing Clydie x to a poor doing young thoroughbred. They have very different needs (and metabolisms), but fortunately with the right guidance from Erika from Inside Out Equine Health both are healthy and looking and performing well!

Joanne Vaughan.png
Joanne Vaughan

Joanne hasn’t had an easy ride with her OTTB, Corey. He’s had a lot of issues and injuries and Joanne has taken this in her stride as a great learning experience. It’s taken a long time to get him right, but they’re now out there doing well, feeling good and looking great despite him being ulcer-prone and very sensitive. Joanne had a diet assessment a while ago and has been feeding Lucerne Lovers pellets to all her horses since then. Joanne loves that the feeding regime is so ‘simple yet effective’. 

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