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BART, 11yo TB


"What a difference a good diet and hard work can make!!! I would highly recommend the work of Erika Gough, Inside Out Equine Health, as if it wasn't for her sound dietary advice and nutrition plan, i'm sure Bart would not look this today. The proof is in the pudding!"

Rachael - Bolinda VIC

MIA, 15yo TB 


"Mia's going amazing! She has put on weight and she definitely has more energy. She has been HEAPS more comfortable to ride lately. Thanks so much for all your great advice!"

Mackenzie - Seville, VIC


SAV, 24 yo TB

"The diets Erika did for me were very easy to understand and follow, but not only that, I could ask Erika anything and she was amazing!

Sav is now looking the best he has looked in 12+ years. His before photo is actually 2 weeks in to his transitional diet and he was already starting to show some more coverage over his ribs. He now looks and feels amazing, hooning around the paddock like a 2yo."

Ashleigh - Lakes Entrance VIC


"After Zafia retired from racing he had a year off and dropped quite a bit of weight. It took a lot of time and a fortune to get the weight back on him using premixed feeds that were recommended to me by friends. When he went to get retrained he was on nearly 7kgs of feed per day, costing me about $12 per day ($600 for 7 weeks!). Erika has simplified everything for me and his diet is now more natural and more balanced. He is now holding his weight in light work on 2.5kgs of feed ($4 a day) and looks amazing."

Ashleigh - NSW



This gorgeous girl was really struggling to put on weight and as you can see it didn't happen overnight it took several weeks! 

She's now happy and healthy again and back to working well under saddle for her young rider. 

Erika on behalf of owner


FOAL, 6mo Clydie X

(online analysis 


This little guy went from being scrawny and yellow to being well on his way to shiny and happy in record time!

Just shows what a balanced diet can do in a short time!

Erika on behalf of owner



This client is now saving between $50 and $60 per week on her feed bill, and her horse looks better! $50 - $60 per week works out to $3,120 each year, or $31,200 over ten years. Aisha now eats a lot less and looks a lot better. There are few things quite as satisfying as turning a bad-doer into a good doer and Aisha proves that it can be done.

Erika on behalf of owner


CLYDE, 4yo Clydie 

(online analysis)


This young boy was getting enough roughage, but his diet was really unbalanced. He looks like a completely different horse in such a short period of time!

Erika on behalf of owner


SPENCER, 7yo TB x 


This guy had mild laminitis which was only really realised when he was put on a laminitis diet. He's now back to being out in the paddock, but gets a few extras in his bucket and is sound and looking great! 

Erika on behalf of owner

BALMY, 21yo TB 


This guy just got to a point where he was struggling to maintain weight despite being on a lot of processed feed. Five weeks later and just look at him! Happy, healthy, shiny and loving his retirement!

Erika on behalf of owner

ANNIE, 14 yo WMP


This caring owner had done all the right things, but still her beautiful pony was laminitic and thin. She was getting desperate. I came to visit, made a few teaks and within three days she was trotting around again.

Erika - on behalf of owner


(online analysis)


"My new instructor is amazed in the muscle buddy has built since he arrived at new agistment It's thanks to your good nutritional advice. He's looking amazing, thank you so much!"

Courtney - Pine Mountain NSW

AVA, 7yo Arab


"I was bringing my mare into work and wanted to make sure I was giving her what she needed to perform at her best, Erika gave me a diet plan that I initially thought was too simple. I now realise that simple works best! She looks amazing and has tonnes of energy without being fizzy. I'm also saving so much money!"

Anicca - Ascot Vale VIC

JACK, 27yo Appy


'Jack retired at the start of this year and I was really worried that he wasn't going to keep weight and condition. When Erika first came and did his diet assessment his hair was rough and wiry, but after a month of his new diet his coat started to improve and he looked amazing! He held his weight during winter and hardly lost any condition! I can definitely say Jack is enjoying his retirement now thanks to Erika as he looks and feels great.'

Anita - Preston VIC

BENNY, 21 yo ARP


"I just bought Benny and was a little concerned about his coat and whether he was getting the vitamins and minerals he needed. Erika came to take a look at him and he's a completely different horse now. Healthier, but much more alert too.

Cathy- Micklemham


(online analysis)


It's an awesome result. Chaff, lupins, and minerals! Simple. Effective. Uncomplicated!!! Exactly what I was looking for and you delivered - thanks so very much!

Bronwyn - Casterton

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