Inside Out Equine Health is exactly that, good horse health from the inside out. My philosophy to equine nutrition is to try and keep it as mother nature intended wherever possible. This means using natural feedstuffs, feeding LOTS of roughage and keeping things simple wherever possible. 

I use diet analysis, an eleven-point health check and faecal egg counting to analyse the health of your horse and then create a diet that's completely personalised for your horse. You can expect your horse to be happier, healthier, have a shinier coat, harder hooves and to have more energy (without being fizzy). You can also expect to be saving money on your feed bill.


The addition of faecal egg counting to your nutritional plan means that you'll have peace of mind knowing your horse's worm count, only worming when you need to and knowing if your horse is becoming resistant to the wormer you're using.

I have also created a very small range of mineral pellets. I did this for a few reasons; some fussy horses wouldn't eat powdered supplements, some 'over-conditioned horses need really limited calories and having to feed them a hard feed to sneak in minerals is defeating the purpose. I also often recommended other people's mixes, but found that they lacked certain things so people would need to add some of this or some of that and it became complicated and unmanageable. I know what's in my mixes and I know that they work!