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Hemp is an incredibly high quality source of protein, and is gaining traction in the horse world for its protein and omega fatty acid profile.  Its protein contains all the essentail amino acids and is a brilliant alternative to soybean meal. Hemp PROMEGA also contains approximately 25% hemp oil. 


Most hemp products contain around 20% protein, and 20% oil, but Inside Out Equine Health’s new hemp product contains approximately 30% protein and 25% oil. This means that your horse will receive the benefits of a high quality protein and amino acids and the anti-inflammatory benefits of the oil, all in the one product,


Hemp protein provides slightly less lysine than soybean meal but more methionine. Hemp also provides the branched-chain amino acid, leucine in higher levels than whey protein. Hemp contains decent quantities of several important vitamins too.  


Compared to flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil provides a lower relative amount of omega-3, but it contains that somewhat unique anti-inflammatory GLA that is not found in flaxseed or other oils/seeds commonly fed to horses.


Feeding Promega combined with flaxseeds or oil is a great way to provide both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.


Of course, how much you need to feed really depends on the rest of your horse's diet, but it's suggested that doses are approximately:


  • 75-125gms per day as a maintenance dose
  • 150-250gms per day for horses that need extra protein, amino acids and omega fatty acids


Hemp is a brilliant things to feed over summer when the grass is brown and dry and contains very little protein and omega fatty acids.


Hemp PROMEGA - 100% Australian grown

Price Options
One-time purchase
Hemp meal
$30.60every month for 6 months
  • Up to and including 1 kilo is $12

    Up to and including 2kgs is $15 

    Between 2kgs and 5kgs is $19

    If you would like more than 5 kgs please let me know and I'll arrange it for you.

    Pick up is free of course! Pick up locations are Strathmore or Lurg. Please choose to pick up option at check out.

  • 2.4 kilos for $34

    2 x 2.4 kilos for $59

    20 kilos for $190 

    For 20 kilo orders please email me to calculate shipping rates for you.

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