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ELEVEN point health check 


Included with any on-site diet analysis. I'll check things such as temperature, mucous membranes and heart rate. 

DIET Analysis 


I'll come to you or we can chat over the telephone or email. Receive a detailed report and full diet recommendation.


From $55.00

FAECAL egg counting 


Find out if you REALLY need to worm your horse and/or if it's becoming resistant to worming products.


From $20.00

PASTURE Analysis* 

The only way to REALLY know what's in your paddock/haynet is to do a pasture analysis. Part of the 'Warmblood' package. 


*Performed offsite

BUY my eBook


Grab a copy of my eBook - 'A step-by-step guide to feeding your horse'. Just AUD$11.99 and full of useful info such as feeds I often recommend (and why) and feeds I never recommend (and why).

BUY useful products

There are a select few things I often recommend and now you can buy them online. 

Feel free to email me to ask if they're right for your horse.

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