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Have you always wished you could pay for your mineral supplements every two weeks and magically have them delivered to your door every time you're just about to run out?

Your wish has been granted! Sign up for auto-post and have your minerals delivered every time you need them! 

Choose the size of your horse and which Inside Out Equine Health Mineral Pellets best suits the rest of its diet and then sit back and relax knowing that you don't have to remember to reorder every time you are nearly finished.  

Don't forget that if you feed pre-mixed feed that already contains added minerals you won't need to purchase as much. If you need some help with a daily dose rate feel free to send me an email and I can help you out

Shipping is included in the price! 


*You can cancel your auto-post at any time, but as mineral pellets will be sent in 4.9 kilo bags the minimum sign-up price for Performance Plus Mineral Pellets is $59.95 + $15.00 postage and Lucerne Lovers is $69.95 + $15.00 postage.   

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