Since meeting Erika, my warmbloods now have a simple diet of lucerne hay, Lucerne Lovers mineral pellets, flaxseeds and salt. They all look great, perform well and I don't have issues with tying up which I did before using the Lucerne Lovers pellets. So easy and so good! - Nicole McOwn

Nicole McOwn

On a property with rich grass and mostly ‘good-doers’, we need a feed that delivers the right nutrition without feeding large portions. The Performance Plus Pellets and salt fulfil the majority of our horses’ needs, and we have a great simple base to add extras for those who need it. Erika also analysed our pasture and hay so we can feel confident about our horse’s nutrition and health. - Andrew, Manuela and Sophie McLean 

Equitation Science International 

I love Lucerne Lovers and EquiFlax. Freddie is naturally a very good doer so needs very little or he gets too fat to event! The Lucerne Lovers pellets, EquiFlax, salt and hay contain all he needs to do 1* eventing! - Maddy Theobald  

Madeleine Theobald

My horse, Spencer can get fat and footsore in spring, but can drop off in winter. All year around he gets Performance Plus pellets, EquiFlax and a scoop of chaff and then in winter I add lupins and beet and extra EquiFlax. He now stays a good weight (& sound!) all year around - Anita Collins

Anita Collins