We love the Lucerne Lovers pellets as we feed a lot of lucerne & beet pulp to our performance horses & breakers & the Lucerne Lovers Pellets balance the diets of our horses perfectly. - Alistair McLean and Rikke Andreasen.

McLean Sport Horses (AEBC)

My horse, Spencer can get fat and footsore in spring, but can drop off in winter. All year around he gets Performance Plus pellets, EquiFlax and a scoop of chaff and then in winter I add lupins and beet and extra EquiFlax. He now stays a good weight (& sound!) all year around - Anita Collins

Anita Collins

Since meeting Erika, my warmbloods now have a simple diet of lucerne hay, Lucerne Lovers mineral pellets, flaxseeds and salt. They all look great, perform well and I don't have issues with tying up which I did before using the Lucerne Lovers pellets. So easy and so good! - Nicole McOwn

Nicole McOwn

On a property with rich grass and mostly ‘good-doers’, we need a feed that delivers the right nutrition without feeding large portions. The Performance Plus Pellets and salt fulfil the majority of our horses’ needs, and we have a great simple base to add extras for those who need it. Erika also analysed our pasture and hay so we can feel confident about our horse’s nutrition and health. - Andrew, Manuela and Sophie McLean 

Equitation Science International 

I love Lucerne Lovers and EquiFlax. Freddie is naturally a very good doer so needs very little or he gets too fat to event! The Lucerne Lovers pellets, EquiFlax, salt and hay contain all he needs to do 1* eventing! - Maddy Theobald  

Madeleine Theobald